Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sample Letter Offer To Sell A Commercial Property

Mmmm, What I can say about Hancock? the truth when I saw the first trailer made me very interesting, and expected, not much, but I was in my sights that had seen, but I do not know if it was because I saw her in English and I hate making or dubbing missing you more humor (I sold it as a comedy and sometimes it was romance and action and then went to a comedy, chale) but I did not like I liked the movie as the trailer.

Will Smith will be one of my favorite actors ever, the dude is simple, cool, and very talented, his best years are ahead, and acts well in Hancock, not stand out, but entertaining, Charlize Theron is a goddess walking (at least in the film, wink wink, jajojé), but no doubt that takes the cake, are responsible for special effects, no stain, stink, often said: "What fart? and WETA? contratenlos them, sometimes they looked good, sometimes bad, chale.

The story is simple: Hancock is a superhero lives in LA, the city that hates him, because instead of helping people, is causing huge monetary losses to the city, but meets a publirelacionista Hancock that will help renew its image and win over people like the new Hancock .

is entertaining, but lacks a lot, more comedy, less drama, what with the eagle fart? never explained why, chale, to watch a Sunday afternoon, in English, please.

Will Smith, I'm rocking legend.


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